Bermuda Conference Camp Meeting

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Rollin Nathan, Sr.

Assistant Head Deacons
Irving Moore, Roy Butler, Robert Woolf, Orlyn Williams

Deacon Board: 

Leroy Burns (Hon)
Myron Ingham (Hon)
Desrick Allen
Tracey Caines
William Cann
Keith Darrell
Allan Fox
Tony Gilkes
Gladwin Goins
Loderick Holder
Gladwin Ingham
Calvin McNorton
Jay Ming
Harry Outerbridge
Eugene Richardson
Malcolm Seymour
Albert Smith
Michael Spenser
Edward Tucker
Leon Turini
Shawne Tuzo
Dennis Warren

I Timothy 3: 8-13: “Deacons, likewise, are to be men worthy of respect, sincere, not indulging in much wine, and not pursuing dishonest gain. They must keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience. They must first be tested; and then if there is nothing against them, let them serve as deacons. In the same way, their wives are to be women worthy of respect, not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything. A deacon must be the husband of one wife and must manage his children and his household well. Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus.”


A source of strength and support to the members of the Hamilton Seventh-day Adventist Church and to mentor young men into becoming responsible, contributing members of the church and society.


Ministry Description

The deacon plays an active role which allows the pastor freedom to take care of pressing matters in the congregation.  The deacon, like the elder, is an elected and ordained role.

The work of the deacons involves a wide range of practical services for the church, including:

1. Assistance at Services and Meetings—At church services, the deacons are usually responsible for welcoming members and visitors as they enter the church, and for assisting them, where necessary, to find seats. They also stand ready to cooperate with pastor and elders for the smooth functioning of the meetings conducted in the church.

2. Visitation of Members—An important duty belonging to deacons is that of visiting church members in their homes. In many churches this is arranged by a distribution of membership by districts, assigning a deacon to each district, with the expectation that he will visit each home at least once a quarter.

3. Preparation for Baptismal Services—The deacons should do their part in making the necessary preparations for this service.

4. Assistance at the Communion Service—At the celebration of the ordinance of foot-washing, the deacons or deaconesses provide everything that is needed for the service, such as: towels, basins, water (at a comfortable temperature as the occasion may require), buckets, et cetera. After the service they should see that the vessels and linen used are washed and returned to their proper place.

Following the Lord’s Supper, great care should be exercised in disposing of any bread or wine left over after all have partaken of these emblems. Any remaining wine that was blessed is to be respectfully poured out. Any remaining bread that was blessed should be buried, burned, or respectfully disposed of in another appropriate manner but in no event returned to common usage.

5. Care of the Sick and the Poor—Another important responsibility of deacons is the care of the sick, relieving the poor, and aiding the unfortunate. Money should be provided for this work from the church fund for the needy. The treasurer, on recommendation from the church board, will pass over to the deacons or deaconesses whatever may be needed for use in needy cases. This work is the particular charge of the deacons and the deaconesses, but the church is to be kept fully acquainted with the needs, in order to enlist the membership’s support.

6. Care and Maintenance of Church Property—In some churches, where the responsibility for the care and maintenance of the church property is not assigned to a building committee, the deacons have this responsibility.

The deacons are also intimately involved in:

  • Assisting the Poor and the Needy
  • Communion service
  • Community Impact
  • Evangelism
  • Healing
  • Men’s Ministries
  • Praying for and visiting the Sick and Shut-In
  • and more!

Special Needs

If you have the willingness to be a soldier in God’s army, contact us and join this powerful and vibrant ministry.



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